New Competition Fields Specs

Hey all.

Was looking into getting the new portable easy up and down competition field. My question is how much does it all weigh? If you divide all the components into their corresponding traveling cases how much does each case weight? I would be flying with these cases and want to make sure they are all under 50lbs.


Only lead I have is that on the VEX Robotics site detailing the Portable Competition Field Perimeter, it says that the “Weight has been cut nearly in half” compared to the original field perimeter. But, unless someone knows how much the original perimeter weighs, this information isn’t much help.


Each panel on the normal field is about 10 lbs, and there is also around 15 lbs of hardware for the normal field as well so the normal field is about 135 lbs. The vex site says the new portable field is roughly half the weight so it’s probably around 70 lbs total. The website also says it comes with 2 cases for the perimeter. If you split the 70 lbs of the perimeter in between those two cases it should be around 35 pounds per case, and then you also have the field tule cases which I’m not sure if you will use or need but those should also fit within the 50 lbs per case.


Normal field is roughly 135 pounds so the lightweight field should be just about 70 pbs split between 2 cases so 35 lbs per case

If anyone feels so inclined please check my math as knowing me I probably messed up somewhere.


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