New Developments

There have been a lot of questions about what new accessories are in development. I let slip the fact that we had several packs coming up soon. Many of these accessories were delayed due to unforseeable and unavoidable circumstances.

I have hesitated to list exactly what is coming up, because of the uncertainty in developing and releasing products; however, due to the continued requests for information, I will post a tentative list of things I expect to be coming out soon. I don’t know how soon. I can’t promise these things will all be released. Like I said, there is some uncertainty.

** Here is a rough list of some things coming up as of 10/21/2007**:[LIST]
*]Vex Bearing Rivet Packs
*]Vexplorer Claw (no motor included)
*]Vexplorer Color Camera & Receiver Kit
*]Vexplorer Booster Kit (Parts to expand your Vexplorer)
*]Vex-RC (Blue) TX & RX Kit
*]Vex-RX (Blue) Motor Kit
*]CHAN-121 C-Channel Kits (various lengths)
*]Rack-Gear Bracket (Metal Bracket for use with the Vex Slide Rail, and the Rack Gear)
*]Bevel-Gear Bracket (Metal Bracket to help use the Bevel Gear)
*]Worm-Gear Bracket (Metal Bracket to help use the Worm Gear)
*]GUSSET-45 - (Gusset plate for attaching C-Channels at 45-degree angles.)
*]Vex Potentiometer
*]Vex Upgraded Quadrature Shaft Encoder[/LIST]There are many other things in development as well, but those items are further down the line. What are these items? Many of them are the things that have been suggested in this forum.

There are also a few things that are close to completion that I can’t talk about.

Please direct all question about these new products to this thread.
If we have information to share, we will post it here.


There have been some criticisms lately about the lack of new products coming out. I find these very surprising.

I thought we have been releasing things pretty consistently. Very recently we released an entirely new branch to our product line in the Vexplorer. Even the most hardcore Vex users will find utility in components from the Vexplorer product line.

The Vex System has an almost unheard of amount of functionality. I find it hard to believe that everyone is already totally bored with the accessories that are out there. Try to build something exciting with the components already released.

I think there is plenty of fun to be had. There are very few limitations that cannot be designed around, without the need for new components.

Don’t get me wrong, we intend to continue to expand the Vex product line. I am just surprised by the questions we’ve received.


I would like the following things:

Vex Claw
Vex Camera and Receiver
Vex automotive steering and suspension parts
Vex gears and wheels that rotate freely on shafts
Vex gear synchronizers for automotive transmissions
Vex U-Joints and CV-Joints
Vex limit switches with levers in opposite direction

Vex Upgraded Quadrature Shaft Encoder

Could you please explain to me what this is in greater detail. I know what a shaft encoder is, but what does it mean by “Quadrature”?

In a nutshell, this means that the encoder will be able tell what direction the shaft is rotating in, rather than just counting up regardless of direction.

In regards to the rest of this thread, these new products will make a great addition to the already extensive product line.

Anyone who has run out of things to make with the current products just isn’t trying hard enough. Even with the current products, the possibilities are nearly endless, and these new parts will further extend the range of possibilities with this great product line.

I’m positive that everyone at VexLabs is working very hard to get these new products out as soon as possible. I look forward to their release.

Good Job VexLabs.

Hi John,

What are the specs for the quadrature encoder and how can the Vexplorer take advantage of them?

just a guess, but the vexplorer cannot use any sensors. but the uses for the old vex system could be telling the exact position of an arm in order to not use limit switches.

Are ALL of these FTC Legal???

The Vex Robotics Design System is used in several robotics competitions.
All questions of part legality should be directed to the competition organizers.


based on the FTC rules i think the following wouldn’t be allowed (you should still ask the game forum though):
vexplorer color camera and receiver
booster kits maybe not (im not sure whats in it)
vex tx and rx kit
vex rc motor kit
basically most of the vexplorer stuff

Can we expect these to be out in time for use in this year’s FTC competition? My tam has a very limited budget and we need encoders so if they’ll be out in time we’ll wait and get the new ones.

i would also like some of those rivets during the competition, i have some places on the robot where a screw and nut are hard to get to

Are the “competition organizers” aware of the new Vex Parts?? Have they evaluated any of them, or had input on their design???

I want to avoid the confusion of asking about the VexLabs’, “Vex Potentiometer” or “Vex Upgraded Quadrature Shaft Encoder” and are they legal for competition and have them respond, “What is That??”

JVN, Thanks for the update. I’m sure I will find many uses for these products. I’m excited to know that all of our gripes polls and ideas are so taken so seriously. The advanced gear pack shows this as well. I agree with you that the few who complain that there is not enough parts… well your limiting your own creativity. If you arn’t playing with vex for competion then what is stoping that trip to home depot… or my new favorite place for “acceptable vex assessories” Ace harware. And if your in competition, isn’t the idea of a challenge to complete a goal within specific guidelines? The list of new “possible” accessories is wonderful. Keep up the good work and I’m sure that in the the not so distant future there will be cv’s and uvjs tossed in the mix to adapt to the 45 degree angle gussets… who knows… a vex screw type actuator? 3 cheers to the development teams…!!

Vex automotive steering and suspension parts
Vex gears and wheels that rotate freely on shafts
Vex gear synchronizers for automotive transmissions
Vex U-Joints and CV-Joints
Vex limit switches with levers in opposite direction

Some people used CNUCAM for this.
How about installing limit switches up-side down?

This is to Vexlabs,

I didn’t see this listed in your list of new items that might be cooming out soon and I thought that I would ask you about it

On the VEXplorer page where it lists the specifications, under AUX ports it lists the camera and a “flashlight kit”. Is this something that you are working on or is it one of those things that you can’t talk about.

If there is information that you could share at this time, I would really appreciate it.

Just curious,

the vex flashlight kit is now out (ive said this sooooooo many times now)

What going to be in the Vexplorer Booster Kit (my brother has blue and wants to be able to build stuff that rivals mine)? When do you except it to come out?:slight_smile:

im guessing new metal, and stuff like that, probably a mini starter kit for vex blue

Doesn’t the Vexplorer fufill everything that a “mini starter kit for vex blue” would need?

Basic Robot
Set of wrenches