New driver skills challenge

This is some thing I thought of and talked to Jim Schulte about. In addition to the current challenge of scoring as many as possible in one minute, create a new one where all the tubes start scored and you have to de-score as many as possible in one minute. Then combine the scores for an overall driver skills score.
What do you think?


This would be a very cool/fun thing to do, but I seriously doubt it would ever be done at any World Championship-qualifying event, and especially not at the World Championship itself. Still a neat idea, though! And I would love to try it out for fun. :slight_smile:


ahaha, we did this test (for fun ^^) and our results were half the time to score it all :slight_smile:
so ~35 secs
it would be a fun thing to do at the practice fields in the pits

I think the problem with this is it might not be possible to descore in future years…

(i.e., last year, it would have been extremely hard to descore…)

If it was ‘driver’ skills and not robot skills, I reckon vex should make one robot and everyone has to use it, that way it’s more about the driver less about the robot. It also means that you don’t get robots that are designed for driver skills and actualy designed for the game.

That’s the whole challenge… To compete at the higher levels, you have to design a robot that meets all those challenges and more.

I think the driver skills challenge was designed to get more people to the World Championship… It allows VEX to be about more than just competing against other teams… And allows multiple opportunities for excellence…

Just my two cents…

I’ve always felt this way about programming skills. They should have a standard robot that everyone uses, so that it is more about programming ability and less about the mechanical advantage that bots have.

If you want this, you should join CEEN bots. They only have one robot you can use, one design, one speed. Not my first choice.

I don’t think thats the way you want to go. I’ve seen the results of that philosophy manifested in another program (CEEN). That is not the way I want to go.


I agree with what you’re saying, and don’t think it should be changed. I was just suggesting there could be a ‘driver’ skills in addition to the current robot skills. Which is good because like you said, teams have to design their robots not just for the game but for these other challenges. Although I’m not to keen on the swapping of mechanisms, which I think we will see more of in future seasons.

Yeah that would be an interesting twist. That would defiantly rely more on the driver’s performance.