New Encoders

I just saw the new encoders on the Vex website. They use the I2C port on the cortex and the website says, “Programming Required! Consult your software provider for details.” I have never used the I2C port on the cortex before or programmed an I2C device. Does EasyC v4 currently support the new encoders? If so, may we please have an example or instructions? If not, when should we expect EasyC to support the new encoders? Thanks!

We are finishing up testing of a new version of easyC with support the new IMEs. We just want to make sure the system is 100% stable before release. Expect to see something early next week.

Do to unforseen issues, we have pushed back the release. We are working as quickly as we can to release a quality bug free solution. We are within a few days of the release.

Just keep going to Help -> Check for Updates. easyC will tell you when your version is no longer current.

I’ve been checking for updates like you recommended. In the meantime I noticed that the RobotC developers are waiting on a master firmware update.

Is the next EasyC release going to include a firmware update too?

Yes, it will. Master firmware will be at 3.21

Just a little bit longer.

Here is the new feature list in the mean time.

Analog Input High Resoltion
Integrated Motor Encoder
Preset Encoder
Get Encoder
Get Speed
PID Control
Motor Time Control
MultiMotor Time Control
Smart Motor Control
Smart Multimotor Control

Robot Driving
Define Motors
Turn Center
Turn Swing
Drive Time Control
Turn Center Time Control
Turn Swing Time Control
Smart Motors Drive
Smart Motors Turn Center

Wait Until
Bumper Switch
Light Sensor
Limit Switch
Line Follower
Optical Encoder
Optical Quad Encoder
Ultrasonic Sensor
Gyro Sensor
Integrated Motor Encoder
Integrated Motor Encoder Speed
Digital Input
Analog Input
Analog Input HR