New Firmware update 1.11 has a bug

Updated the new 1.11 Firmware to test the autopilot program only it can not see what is on what port, the driver program runs, motors, LED, Gyor, and sonar.

Hi whitepass,

Are you having trouble with the Autopilot program not seeing devices that are connected to the Robot Brain?

The Autopilot Program expects certain devices to be on certain ports. These ports are:

Port 1: Left drive motor
Port 2: Distance Sensor
Port 3: Color Sensor
Port 4: Gyro Sensor
Port 5: Touch LED
Port 6: Right Drive Motor
Port 7: Left Drive Motor
Port 8: Back Left Bumper Switch
Port 9: Back Right Bumper Switch
Port 12: Right Drive Motor

When you launch the Autopilot Program, if any of these devices are not connected it will display a Missing Devices screen with a flash cable icon next to the missing items. Some sensors are optional - you only need one left and right motor and you don’t need the color sensor to run. After you connect any missing devices, you will need to reboot the Robot Brain to initialize those sensors/motors.


  • Art

Art - I’m sure I have seen manuals (the older ones at least) that state that the sensors can be connected to any port. Guess this has been revised for the newer ones.


Yes, we have updated the Building Instruction and Control System User Guide manuals to launch at the same time as the kits with plastic shafts. To simplify and streamline building and running an Autopilot Robot, ports were specified for each sensor. We’ll have the PDF versions of these new manuals up on our website very soon.


  • Art

Got it to work but the Missing Devices screen only shows 2 Motors witch is what I have. Had Motors in Port 1 and 7.