New Flywheel/Catapult/Puncher Design

Normally a flywheel is pointing upwards and lands in the net. What if we change the flywheel angle so that it points toward the ground and bounces of the mats into the net. Would that work or should I burn the thought?

We thought about this but there would be too much of a blocking risk, and you would need more power to do it…

That would also probably introduce even more range inconsistency between hard and soft balls, since more energy will be lost by softer balls (I think, I know they will behave differently). We had a similar thought, but we didn’t see really any advantages to it. Also, I’m not sure a single flywheel would work because of how much spin it puts on a ball.

Wow, this sounds like a great idea! I don’t know why we didn’t think of that earlier. One of our teams actually did the calculations, and it seems like this may actually be the most efficient way to launch balls into the net.

try it, grab a ball and throw it into the net, now try the bounce shot. I know that’s not great evidence but to my mind, the bounce shot is way more difficult

How so?

What if you have just the right amount?

That’s what I did today. I threw the ball and it missed, and when I bounced it , it made it…

You might need to wait 1 second after each launch because if you don’t, the last ball you shoot will shoot the first ball you shoot.

Then it might help, but you also need to make sure that the balls have topspin, which sends the ball going forward instead of backward. Backspin is useful for standard shots, since it helps the ball roll down the net in the case of an undershot launch, but it would majorly get in the way. Also, thinking about it now, you would be able to score in the low goal with topspin really easily, but I think topspin will make the ball not go high enough to make it into the high goal effectively.
As far as blocking vulnerability goes, if a robot is parked directly in front of you, such as defense while shooting DCLs, you would hit that robot instead of bouncing the ball properly, and the ball would have no chance of making it into the high goal. Also, if I’m right about the effect of topspin on the ball’s maximum height, a robot anywhere between you and your low goal would be able to intercept the ball.
It might work, and if you have the time you can give it a shot, but I have way too much stuff to help my team with (we’re basically starting from scratch) to build another flywheel.

I think that this would be much difficult. Apart from the inconsistencies of the densities of the ball you now will also have to consider the density of the foam tiles. I assume you are talking about the role of this type of launcher to be a field bot because it’s really going to be difficult to make bank shots from far away.

I’m not saying that it’s pointless and it’s not going to work, but I think there are more efficient methods of scoring.

What if I use puncher?

Using a puncher will still be pretty difficult to build especially the part of having the basket or the place where the ball will rest prior to being shot.

This can potentially be an option for puncher designs who have no way to adjust the power but can adjust the angle of their shots; however, the issue with having the basket being made so the ball doesn’t fall out is still in play.

Oh. I did not think of that x_x

Haha. It’s fine. I’m sure there’s a way to do it if you tried hard enough. It won’t be easy but it MIGHT be possible. It’s easier to see how an idea might not work, than seeing a crazy idea working. :slight_smile:

I hope you guys are not actually being serious about bouncing the ball off the ground into the net… :smiley:

Don’t worry, we are. =)

Wouldn’t you need to create significant amount of force, even more than a linear punch or catapult

I’ve never been more serious in my life :slight_smile:

Would making it very fast make it bounce?