Do you guys think that this “the picture is in the file, sorry that I’m so bad at drawing” kind of flywheel design will work? I will use 2 V5 motors (but I don’t know the gear ratio will be yet).
If not are they any other better design of another shooting mechanism or flywheel that can shoot the middle flag and the high flag???

Nice idea! I think that it is possible, but might be tricky to implement. This is because while in theory it would be efficient, it would require perfect positioning, or aiming systems. Also, if you miss, due to the 2 ball possession limit, you would have to get another 2 balls… I think because of these reasons, a 1 wheel flywheel might be a better option.

How would you control which flywheel a ball is fed to?

@JamsG both of the wheel will run at the same time and it will shoot both of the balls at once.

My concern is that if the highest is red but the middle is blue you could accidentally toggle one you don’t want to.


Seems innovative but could be a problem with hitting the flags you don’t want it to. If you were to be able to turn one off while another is in operation it could work.

Sure, but if your aim is on you’ll hit empty space instead of the wrong flag. If your aim is on…