New Forum - Tips & Tricks

Hey everyone,

As we all get used to the new forum, I figured I’d start a thread where we can share any tips or tricks to make forum life more convenient. Here’s what I’ve found so far:

  1. If you highlight text within a given post and then click the quote button for that post, it will automatically start composing a new post with only the highlighted text being shown as quoted.

  2. If there’s certain forums you don’t want to see on your main page, (For example, if you think the Q&A is filled with annoying pointless questions and responses, and want to ignore it) just click the All Channels button on the top left, which then gives a list of all the forums and the option to hide the ones you don’t want to see.

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Just thought I would throw up a link to the thread where everyone discussed how to restyle the forum to change the color scheme. I will admit that the more I use the default on my phone the more it is growing on me though.

You can start a private conversation with yourself :slight_smile:

You can link to a users profile @tabor473.

You can delete stupid things that you said with strikethrough.
A few more are here.

you are my spirit animal

I’m not sure why esoTalk decided to do it this way, but posts in private threads (including self threads) count towards your total post count on your profile too! Great way to make it look like you’re more active than you really are. :stuck_out_tongue:

If VEX thinks this is strange too and wants to change the esoTalk code maybe they could change this?

well your post count no longer shows up next to your name (a good thing IMO because people tend to post just to increase their number) so i don’t see it as an issue

That’s a bad idea.

Back to tips, or rather some good things about the new forum.

I never have to write “10 char” again, my posts can be short.
I’m not limited by the 10000 character limit, my posts can be really, really, long.

To add a link you don’t need to use the URL tag, almost anything with a “.” will be turned into a link, for example.

Unfortunately, this also means that some filenames also become links, another example

Change the file

The long post limit is something most of us never had issues with but I am glad to know that in the future your in depth posts will be easier to read.

You can search the members list (click the “members” text at the bottom of the page) for team number and location, for example, to find all members of team BNS use the following in the search box.

Team #:BNS