New Game Desires

Post here what you want to see in future games. Not what you think this year’s will be, but what you want it to be.

Smaller objects and descoring

Omg, large objects makes me mad, also regular scoring objects, like cubes or spheres, defense please, drive v drive action please

Power/torque-based challenges (I remember seeing something about pushing other robots for KOTH type game, something with a score based off that maybe)

As a newish vex competitor: More than anything diversity, as in the game having multiple aspects that certain types of bots do better than others. I don’t like seeing the same exact dumper all the time.

There will pretty much always be a best design, so there’s not much to do about design convergence. The GDC simply can’t predict the best design(s).

I’d say that this year was torque-based with the lifts. Drives will always be on the faster end.

i think he was trying to say “make a game with so many aspects different designs will be better”

I don’t know about that. I’ve competed in FTC and what sometimes happens when there are many ways to score is that many of the scoring methods are simply ignored.

Yeah I saw that in one of the FRC competitions in my area. I didn’t see anyone try to score balls in the pressure thing(whatever it’s called). It was really surprising.

Come on. Big objects are so much fun. The smaller ones get lost easily…

Toss up beach balls were good but stars and cubes are not so fun

I like tons of small objects on the field. I would want about 300 small cubes on the field.

Sorry 3,000

I want to build 6ft tall robots again, the good old days back in skyrise

I did enjoy the toss up beach balls as competition objects, but they were quite annoying at times because you could look at them funny and they would explode and the tolerances were around ±5 inches.

What I think would be cool for a new competition game would be two levels separated by clear plexiglass with a ramp to reach the second level.

Field reset.

Defensive priority being a viable strategy and design.

Water would be fun to deal with

I want more than anything for this next game to have plastic objects not foam.

@Avery Hoffmann yeah, im seriously tired of cheap objects breaking, last year the inconsistencies killed my team

Bringing back moving goals would be awesome.

Something buildavle in game, like skyrise, and an open, full contact field.