New Game Hints?

Hey all,

Was walking around the convention center today when I saw the new game field. (sorry I don’t have any pictures :frowning: ) I was wondering if anyone else saw this, and what their thoughts on it were. It’s not much to go on, but it appeared that the starting tiles were set up already. Also, if someone has pics, it would be great for the teams who aren’t in Anaheim.

If anyone has time, please stop by our pits.

what was the configuration of the starting tiles?


I saw it. Didn’t take a picture but it was a blue and red on one side spaced one or two grey tiles apart and a blue and red on the other side spaced the exact same way.

What’s next, Thursday we get a field element?

Here is a picture of it. I wonder if it will actually be like that or if they are just teasing us? Was there the same last year for Toss Up?


We’ll know quite soon.

I believe they are trying to imply, robots can teleport to the vex iq field during the match. That is why they are right next to eachother.:smiley:

Realistically, I think the highest scoring area/goals will be next to the vex iq field, because the starting tiles are farther away from there.

Yes, they had an empty field out during sack attack worlds. I’m pretty sure field tile setup was correct, but I didn’t think about it at the time.

I really wonder how driver pits are going to be set up… are we going to stand separately from our partners and with our opponent?
Also, the fact that opposing alliance starting tiles are so close to each other is exciting… A wall bot can drive barely forward, expand and block in autonomous. But i am sure game rules will solve those issues. Hope for the best, everybody. I am counting down each single hour…


What if this is the game? The point is to destroy the robot next to you, then the robot on the other end of the field. Kind-of like battle bots.

If this is true, then students and VEX company are going to cheer. VEX team mentors and sopnsors are for sure going to protest. “Excuse me sir we need 4000 dollars for our next tournament because we need ten new cortexes. There are going to be cortex destroyers next tournament and we have only one cortex left…”

If you split the field in half, then the starting positions would be the same on either side. Blue would be on the left, and red on the right.
Then most of the game play will be focused on the center of the field.

Hmmm…this looks interesting. I wonder if we’ll have isolated gameplay like in Clean Sweep, only we’re with our opponents on each side of the wall? I’m bursting with excitement just thinking about the new game!

Me too.

From the pic above, I came up with this in solidworks.

another thought, where would the field controller posts go(where the teams connect in)?


or Here???

or somewhere else???

Either way, well see tomorrow. :slight_smile:

They’re messing with you. The field tiles changed today. That happened last year, too.

My sisters said they accidentally saw the game video and it has something to do with donuts and sticks, and scoring on a big cube in the middle / tall poles around the sides.

How would they have accidentally seen the new game?

Nahh, i don’t really believe that can happen that easily.

I get the feeling your sisters are pulling your leg (or you, us).