New game idea

Here’s an idea for a new game which would involve a few new vex products. I made an animation showing the game. I put in countless hours of effort to finish this. If we get the most amount of votes for our animation our robotics program gets $750 in part and a $150 Amazon gift card. Your vote means a lot to me. Voting ends: 01-25-2013 12:00 PM.

Here’s the link:

Michael Berna

Congrats, this is a very interesting game idea! And the animation was good too!
The metagame in this environment would become very interesting (wall-hopping super-stacker anyone?:D)

That would definitely be a cool strategy. You could probably even have a robot with a giant tube to stack objects straight and achieve higher towers.

It’s cool, but I’m kind of confused with how to get over the wall without…erm…hovering.

Walker could easily do it.

One heck of an interesting drive train.

With the new VEX Sticky Wheels! That would be pretty cool. I’ve been drawing up a couple ideas for this. Ranging from a flying bot, a jumping bot, and a expandable arm bot (~8 feet should do)