"New Game Ideas" Forum Channel??

The VEX Forum has a “New Product Ideas” channel which I think is pretty cool for forum users to let VEX know what products they want.
I know that it is a little early to talk about future games, but I wanted to see what everyone thought about the VEX Forum adding a “New Game Ideas” channel where we can post our great ideas for a new game, or different challenges we would like to see in a future game. Let me know what you guys think, and if the forum should add this.

I don’t see why that can’t just be in the general forum or whatever subforum people normally put it in now. It’s not like there are that many threads about the next game, and they don’t require any VEX employees’ special attention.

Honestly, I never even pay attention to what subforum anything is in, except for the official Q&A I guess.

Right now most are in the VRC Starstruck (16-17) subforum. Seems pretty good to me.

Yea, people are always speculating about game ideas anyways. Probably doesn’t need it’s own sub-forum in my opinion.

Water game confirmed 2k18

More like speculating about the water game

speculating? I think people are discussing the future.

Many people are posting Starstruck ideas, so I agree that there should be a sub-forum

That’s not the point of what they are proposing…

Not to mention there already is one (VRC Starstruck (16-17)).