New Game-in-a-Box - Full Pull

VisualEdge, Inc. is proud to announce the release of our newest game, Full Pull™

Full Pull is a challenging, intermediate-level robotics game that combines robot design skill with brute force and is a unique test of durable robot design. With a robotics twist on traditional tractor pulling, Full Pull adds elements of statics, dynamics, and physics into the problem-solving equation.

In the box you will find a ready-to-assemble pulling sled. This sled is made of steel and is powder coated in black. Assembly should take about an hour. The sled can safely hold up to 55 lbs.

Also included in the kit is blank vinyl, sticker sheet for you to print out a design to customize your sled. Choose from one of the included themes (Vex, Industrial, USA, Toy Robot, Flames, and Raging Bull) or design your own using the supplied template file.

Instructions(PDF), official rules(PDF), printable score sheets, printable certificates, and instruction on how to be a referee are also included.

Its great to have practice challenges before the next competition comes around.

I’m curious on how many teams are going to buy games to train their new members ?