New game order on hold

We ordered our new game on May 13th and the order says on hold, been trying to reach vex support and no response. Have emailed and called several times. Does anyone else have any ideas so I can let my kiddos know?

Phone support didn’t pick up? What number are you calling?


the numbers from their website and the ones from the order. they both have the same messages and everytime I press the number 6 option to speak to a live person it goes back to the beginning of the recording.

An order says on hold when it cannot ship immediately, as VEX sends out orders weekdays and hours after you place your order. The game elements product page says “ships in 3 weeks” which means you should receive your elements in three weeks plus the shipping time for your region. But if you are having trouble with support email and give them up to 72 hours to respond in my experience. Good luck this year! EDIT: Strange experience, I believe drow had previously said there seems to be backlog of game element orders I think? First set was shipped out about 3-4 weeks ago and those were orders shortly after Mid-March.


Based on earlier posts - orders will be shipped first come first served. My order has been marked “on hold” since - well forever, and we have received it since. Patience.