new game release any hints???

Hello VEXers, I was just wondering when the new game will be released, will it be like last year at the end of worlds. Has any one found any hints on the internet? Me and my team are trying to plan a kick off party and we are trying to figure all this stuff out so we can plan accordingly

First, there are no “hints” ever, the challenge is released on a certain date, no other info is given before that date.
Second, the challenge was released at the 2009 VEX World Championship last year, on the last day of the tournament, I am guessing they will do it the same way, but you never know, this year things might be different.

Look for the new game at Worlds. There aren’t any hints coming.

LOL, FIRST loves to mess with the people over at Chief Delphi about underwater games. One of these years FIRST is just going to do an underwater game and no one will believe the water-sayers.

Last year the announcers were throwing around the bonus ball for at least a solid day and no one including myself seemed to care. I guess what I’m saying is that there was a last minute hint but indirect, not bluntly like FIRST.


I kinda got the hint when I heard “I don’t think this is the last time we’ll be seeing this”. But yes, they are never as blunt as FIRST, which is what I like about VEX, they don’t give away ideas on how to complete the challenge, they just give you the field, a kit and some playing objects, and let you figure it out.

P.S. you notice anything funny about how VEX came out with Clean Sweep with the “white ball introduced with 30 seconds left” and then FIRST came out with HotShot… notice a similarity? I’m not so sure about a coincidence…