New Game Release Webcast?

My teams are planning to get together and watch the webcast of Worlds. We were wondering if anyone knows if the Unveiling Ceremony will be webcasted of the robotevents webcast link for worlds HS divisions. Any info about this would help as we are trying to plan times of when to meet. Thank You

I don’t know if it is webcasted (good chance though??) But in previous years the have released the YouTube video simultaneously. So even if you can’t watch the real live thing, you should be able to view the same video everyone at World’s is watching within minutes.

I was able to do a little more research and found on the FAQ that it will be webcasted, but didn’t give a link so I am unsure of where so we may have to do the YouTube video. Thank You

You’ll be able to find all VEX Worlds webcasts, including the New Game Unveilings, at this one central location:

Thank You Karthik, your help is always appreciated