New game, say what you want

I want this thread to be one where anyone can say anything they want about the new game that comes out today. Whether this is a compliment, a critique, or something you just want to say. You can also post what you wish to happen before it comes out. Have fun discussing the game.

Air Game, Lava Game, Earth Game, Water Game, Space Game, Cave Game, Hole Game. GGs

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Did anyone notice the tanker trucks behind the convention center where the buses park? They could definitely hold a lot of #water


@JoshyB This is a great idea. For Vex Person Appreciation Week I would totally nominate you because you are always adding meaningful posts. Would you like to meet up, are you currently at worlds because I am and not flexing or anything but currently #1.


You forgot fire game.

Anything but a stacking game.

what time does it typically get revealed in est?

Somewhere between 4:45 and 6:15 EST. Probably closer to the 6:15 side.

I read this message thinking that you were @jpearman and I was confused


Haha I am just in love with vex coding studio and @jpearman,

Seems legit #watergame but it’s probably to extinguish fire in the #firegame


This feild was in the lobby at worlds outside the middle school pits



20 characters here

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what are those cap looking things

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Half of this years caps
Prob not going to be used though

why did they leave them there then

will you keep updating us as they continue to build it

That’s a fake field to throw people off. They did the same thing last year.


thats genious

20 characters

Also maybe lazers will be involved

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