New Gears?

I feel like I missed a week at school… Wasn’t there an announcement last spring of some heavy-duty gears, like 12-tooth aluminum, double-thickness gears and/or double-thickness gears with pressed-in aluminum hubs? I can’t find anything like this on the Website. Did I miss something?

I believe they plan on releasing those in mid-September, there haven’t been any new announcements since the ones they made at worlds, only updates that they will be released in the fall.

Someone noticed them on one of the IFI bots a while back I believe, but they hadn’t started to mass produce them yet.

They are in development and coming along nicely. I am excited about this new kit (and another similar kit, which has gone previously unannounced ;)). I’ll let you guys know more once I know more.


Oh what could it be?!

Combine those two quotes together and it sounds like we will be getting new stronger gears besides the ones with metal hubs. They also showed us double wide gears I think. Maybe it’s going to be gears with metal supports emanating from the hubs?

John says that it is a similar kit. It could be a new chain and spocket kit that could have stronger chain and metal hub spockets.:smiley:

It could be a set of gears that have 24, 48, and 72 teeth…


I’m not sure those would work with the current set of gears. For example in the VEXplorer kit there is a 48tooth(I believe it’s 48) that does not mesh nicely with anything besides the 12tooth gear. I doubt they would release two sets of gears, although it might allow for more advanced gearing, if I was in charge I would be worried about making it too complicated for the general user.

They would work well with each other, just like the current gears work well with each other. The two sets of sizes (the real set we can buy now and the hypothetical one we are discussing would fit together if their axles were set into the 1/4" pitch Vex Mini metal that is in the works.