New GPS Field Code Strips required on competition fields?

Oh, this brings up a fairly related point. How well does that adhesive on the back of the hook and loop stick to the perimeter? Given they’re made of metal, we aren’t exactly delicate with our field perimeters during transit. If I have to worry about the hook and loop ripping off, that’s going to get real annoying real fast.

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Raised fields should have safe method for getting on and off the field without using field perimeter as support structure.

one reason I worry about raised field - height conforming to building codes and safe method for field resetters to access field without jumping up on perimeter to get up on field.

Oh, there was totally a safe step ladder with rails to get up - people would use it to get on the field and then hang their legs over the edge of the perimeter. This was at the end of the AI portion and they were just hanging out on the field watching the VexU matches (it was a good viewpoint after a long, long day so totally understandable in the situation). It’s hopefully not something that would typically happen much, it just made me wonder how a similar action (like leaning over the field to grab and adjust rings) might end up bending them as well.

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totally your division crew for pits and competition fields to make sure all is good. Similarly, during finals only head referee and scoring refs should be around match field - everyone else are spectators. (I seem to remember a picture from end of season event with a dozen-ish wearing zebra stripes outnumbering drive team members at field - not good optics :frowning:

[note - each event is different context … Personally, I’d rather see a sea of competitors vs a lot of adults during finals.]

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Is there anything saying that it is not allowed to be on normal fields or is it up to the event partner?

It is not required to be on every field for VRC, just the field that will be used for skills. It is also removable. My gut is that EPs will not install the strips on more fields than they have to this season.

Teams who have V5 GPS sensors will be asked to unplug it for regular matches.

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I may be a bit behind; was this (teams unplugging the GPS sensor during normal match play) mentioned in the rules update?

Yes - specifically:

  1. Updated Appendix B to introduce the recommendation, and eventual requirement of VEX GPS Code Strips for all Programming Skills Matches.

[edit - does not appear that updated Appendix B is on the we site yet. ]

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But that doesn’t say anything about unplugging for match play, it only says that the strips are going to be required for skills, so theoretically you could have GPS use in match plays if someone really wanted to get the extra strips.

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I asked a Q&A about these questions


That’s my read as well; however another thread noted that the discussion on the VexAI Stream talked about the possibility of asking teams to unplug GPS during match play. Presumably a future rules update would specify that more concretely.


Sorry - the info about unplugging during normal matches was answered by Bob M during the Q&A at VEX-U championship at VEX HQ.

Here is the specific question on the video stream:

My take aways:

  • you can only use for Programming Skills
  • you may be asked to unplug during normal matches if the field has GPS strips (at discretion of EP or otherwise clarified by GDC)
  • V5 GPS sensor pretty non-functional if no strips on field

I expect more clarifications from GDC building upon what Bob said during Q&A.