New half flipping flags meta?


2BC user here-
Hitting a half toggled flag and a fully togged flag are equally consistent except for the far pole, in which a half toggled flag is easier simply due to perspective.
Typically, 2BCs have a slightly slower single shot time than other shooters due to the catapult’s cooldown. Thus, having a single toggled flag in each pole may prove to be an efficient counter to 2BCs.
Of course, the split second pole conversion capabilities a 2BC has is hard to counter in the first place, and they tend to have extremely effective offense-defense transitions, so rear sniping single flags in each pole faster than their single shot cycle is probably the most efficient choice in a 1v1 situation.
Honestly, the largest weak point of the 2BC is defense and miss recovery. The 2BC has the highest trigger latency among the shooters, meaning sideswiping them during their double shot, causing the legendary “shoot once, miss twice” line can prove fatal.


This “trigger latency” can be minimized by keeping the catapult loaded in the “down” position. This can be achieved using a sensor. When the button is pressed, the shot will fire almost instantaneously.


I do that with a potentiometer, but the latency is still noticeably longer than a puncher and about equal to a flywheel.


I mean, I could toggle an entire column of flags whithin a second of driving there, so pretty good. But I do agree most catapults do seem to have the slowest cycle time. Having passive flagpole aligners certainly helped.


make sure you keep the catapult pulled down as close to the firing point as possible. this will reduce the latency from when the button is pressed.


How much latency are you getting? we don’t get that much when using a potentiometer.


This may or may not be a useful strategy, I have no data to back it up. Anyways, when our team runs into a double shooting mechanism, we tend to toggle one flag out of the column, forcing the double shooting machine to waste a ball or move to the next column before taking their next shot. Essentially (if you can pull it off) this strategy turns a double shot into a single shot.


The way to deal with double catapults is to nudge hem right as there shooting, this is especially effective because they will have wasted 2 balls


Only a few milliseconds. Practically instantaneous but still slower than well-built punchers. It’s not an issue really- just a quirk that gives punchers a slight advantage


practically instantaneous? doesn’t seem like the opponent would be able to react to the shot fast enough to push you out of the way.


From experience, the time from the catapult’s down position to the impact and release position is enough to cause a miss if rammed at the right moment. It also renders shots taken while being pushed horizontally very difficult to connect.


It’s pretty obvious whenever a bot is lining up for a shot. Most opponents won’t even be waiting for you to shoot - they’ll push you away first.


i actually agree. therefore the shot latency wouldn’t matter that much really.


tbh we can all shoot fast enough that collecting balls and lining up is 99% of our time. I used passive flagpole aligners to shorten the line up speed, but I was a slow mover, so couldn’t gobble balls as fast as I should’ve