New HexBug

Two videos (at least) are up on YouTube of the new HexBug Nano:

So IFI is gunning to beat Hotwheels? Where can I purchase stock? I want in on this…

I wonder if they will still “scuttle around” as well with a plastic bug glued to their back… Why? Oh, I do a haunted house every year, and having a bunch of these running around in roach costumes would be outstanding.


  • Dean

Here is a third that our pres. made. We received a few from Mr. F. to create a video.

Sunny looks like you forgot the link.

It looks like they are essentially bristle bots. I wonder if the track is part of the kit or if that was just a toy they had lying around.

It’s a product:

Wow IFI is retailing in Toy’s ‘r’ us now! Excellent!

Here’s that video Sunny was referring to:


Haha, Thanks for posting the link Tanner. :smiley:

I haven’t personally gotten to play with them yet, but I would definitely buy one for only $8. :smiley: