New high score?

This past week while at a practice my bot scored 42 on drivers challenge, what is the current record?

This page is the high scores which have been obtained at events though many teams have got higher scores outside of official events (I for a fact know in NZ teams have reached scores of 38)

Gcops video points to a RoundUp Robot, while the high scores rank is for the current game Gateway.

The video is part of his signature, nothing to do with the post

that is true. the video is demoing his previous bot, not his new record drivers skills award…

42 is very good!
thats 9 pts more than the top “official” world score

vid? :wink:

Yup… There are a lot of high scores that have not been updated yet.

During the recent Asia Vex, lots of Singapore teams are consistently hitting 35+.

In fact, 8066 has been consistently achieving 41 back in Singapore, but only managed a 38 (if I remember correctly) during Asia Vex.

As for Programming Skill Challenge, they have been achieving 30+ too.

no we dont have a vid… i wish we did though…

there are a lot of high scores that are not “official”

actually… the PSC only had 25 points for us… a china professional programmer, consistent programming champion as well, scored 28. ( though he did a few illegal moves i believe )

All the scores achieved during Asia Vex will be made official sooner or later.
Asia Vex is an official and registered Vex tournament (and not some “back-in-the-garage” sort of stuff).

What I am trying to say is that there are a lot of teams all over the world who are doing very well (officially) in all the skill challenges and not reflected in the ranking table yet.