New home made idea for VEX

Never tried this yet but its a way u can down the stairs of a house not sure about up yet though
you have to use to chassis bars held together with stand-offs and make sure the top mounts are faced down then connect thos bendy bars so you have a little extra front to bend up like skis so it can glide without flipping over and use tank treads or wheels for rear wheel drive
Note:the rear wheel drive is not attached to skis that is the front

i dont know if this is good enough for vex labs to produce but it’ll b fun to make home-made i post pictures when i’ve done building the skis

I like the idea, but it would be better if you could go up stairs too.

Yes UP stairs would be the best…:slight_smile: :wink:
Still sounds cool…:cool:

Sounds like you could easily damage your robot. Why would you want to go down stairs anyways if you can’t get back up?

dont try this yet cause im not 100% this will work

Im still thinking of a way for it to get back up but going down will be easy
all i got to do is add a little simulation roll cage on top in the case that it does flip but im gonna have pictures of ski’s

Here are pics and note i didnt make full ski as i do not have the parts to do so for now

Lol, the ski’s look cool :cool:

Would it not make for asmoother ride if the button heads were on the botton instead of the keps nuts? Just an observation.

what if you have wooden stairs?

I’m not sure if it’s gonna work very well.

yes thanks for noticing but i just wanted to build because im going to jersey this friday so i wanted to get done before hand but i will build other way when i get back i will also add to good chassis but it must be long for tank tread and the skis so it does get stuck on the gap between stairs

if its wooden stairs with no carpet dont try cause i dont want some parents to come home with a dead robot and scratched floors

going up or down stairs is a difficult challenge, but im not sure that skis are the best way to do it. i think if they are not steady enough, the robot could easily flip and get damaged.