New HS Robotics Club

We are starting a new HS Robotics club next spring. Our goal is build a couple of V5 Competition Starter Kit robots during the spring and familiarize our students with the system and how it works. We will also be attending a couple of competitions as spectators to see how they work. Then next fall, we will start competing at the HS level.

My questions are:

  • What do you think of our plan for starting?
  • What am I not thinking of?
  • What tools, storage ideas, etc do you recommend we purchase?

Visiting a couple competitions is a great way to see what goes on. Be sure to circulate through the pits and talk to the participating teams while you’re there. Most teams like to talk, especially to help a new group get started.

You’ll need to think about budget and probably sponsors. I suggest joining the VEX World Coaches Association on Facebook, for discussion more specifically about running robotics programs.

To get started with basic hand tools, take a look at Robosource’s tool kits…be sure to get “star screw” drivers.


Also, if none of your team members have much experience I’d recommend starting them out with building a Vex Clawbot, it comes with all the screws and tools needed to build it and teaches some basic ways of building.
Good luck!

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First off, welcome!

This sounds like a solid plan for getting started. As mentioned above, visiting some local competitions to see how they work and what to expect is a great way to get you and your student’s feet wet.

In case you were unaware, you can find a list of all your local teams and competitions here:

Note that most local competitions will end with state championships, which normally take place in late January - early March, so be sure to catch what you can before your local season ends.

As for stuff you may not be thinking of:

  • You may know this already, but I’ve seen lots of new teams that haven’t. The VEX Robotics Competition game changes every season. Each year’s new game is revealed at the end of the VEX Robotics World Championship, which takes place in late April. That said, I would not recommend buying Tower Takeover elements, and wait to buy the new game elements after it is announced. (Unless you really just want to have them to practice with.)

  • If you have any questions about getting your team up and running, you might want to reach out to your REC Foundation Regional Support Manager. You can find your RSM’s contact information at this page:

  • There are a ton of grants available to help start new teams. You can find a list of those here: (Your RSM can also help you with these)

Hopefully this has been helpful! If you have any further questions, feel free to post them in this thread or shoot me a PM at any time.


Thanks for all of the advice. I will definitely join the Facebook group (and get the basic hand tools).

What is the difference between this kit ( and the clawbot?

No difference. The Clawbot is just another robot that can be built with the parts that are found in the kit. Each kit comes with a printed booklet with build instructions for it.

The Build Instructions for Lift (the robot pictured on the product page), can be found in the “Docs & Downloads” section of the product page.


Doesn’t the second one come with more parts?

Both the Clawbot and Lift can be built using only the parts found in the V5 Competition Starter Kit. (Obviously not at the same time).

One build probably uses more parts than the other, but it’s still doable.


You should be careful when buying the kits, if you buy a competition kit they come with Aluminum, compared to classroom kits that come with steel . If you want to be able to use some of the metal again when you are a competition team you may want to consider getting a kit with aluminum

Take a look at this thread, too Wondering what now?. If you’re looking at “a couple” kits to get started (and you have the money), I would suggest a competition starter kit and a competition super kit. You’ll only be able to build one clawbot trainer, however, because the superkit doesn’t have a claw.

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Very helpful to know, thank you.

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