New HS Shaft Adapters Press Fit?

Does anyone know if the 276-8034 and 276-8235 Metal High Strength shaft adapters will press fit securely into HS holes such as on wheels, or will they need shaft collars to hold them in place?

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Hi @bnhrkn, the adapters will need shaft collars to hold them in place. The shaft inserts do not need collars to hold them.


That’s too bad, the free spinning insert is made of ABS. If i was vex I would just make the adapters the same size as the inserts

abs is good because plastic + metal has less friction than metal + metal

I thought that the metal was higher friction too.

I’m not sure how the coefficient of friction of the bronze or the plastic inserts compare, but this is an interesting discussion of how bronze is actually pretty good for this bearing.


Pretty sure the metal inserts will have pretty low friction especially when lubricated, but more importantly they should be much more durable. I used plastic inserts on screw joints for our drivetrain all season and they were extremely loose by worlds (still worked but it was very sus)