New idea!!

Do you guys think that it would be a good idea to have one license plate with a different color on each side? That way you would not have to make any contraption, just screw it on. Also, how do you guys put your license plates on? I always have found it annoying.

Wait, this isn’t what you’re supposed to do? All of our teams implemented it after we saw other teams doing it.

Here’s a thread about licence plate flippers last year.

They should print plates in back and white and give some other color designator, maybe a flag or something. :wink:

They should have longer motor screws and have spacers for them

Isn’t that what VEX did in the old days?

Thus the wink

Watching a match, it makes me crazy when a plate is, for example, red on the outside and blue on the inside. If the “wrong” color plate is visible from the other side of the robot, I would call this a violation of <R19©>. If the wrong color plate was not visible, no violation. Rule text:

Robots must use the colored plates that match their alliance color for each match. (i.e. Robots
on the red alliance must have their red plates on for the match) It must be abundantly clear
which color alliance the robot belongs to.

We use velcro

Yes! We have been doing this since the first competition when we used screws to attach our plates. It got to be a pain, so now each dive team member gets a set of red and blue plates with Velcro to quickly make adjustments. We extended this idea to our batteries. We can switch batteries quickly and they will not fall off without real pressure. This idea came to fruition when the old battery ties were used. Those things broke all the time.

Our teams have no difficulty screwing one color plate onto the robot, then using the included IQ pegs to mount the other color plate to the permanently mounted plate as the system was designed to be.

As for your comment, Rick. I understand what you are saying. However, I have never had an issue as I always look to see which plate is actually showing on the side facing me. The fact that a blue alliance robot has a red plate that I can see through the robot isn’t an issue to me. And this year’s game. as others have pointed out elsewhere, the plates are largely meaningless anyway. You are restricted to your side of the field. It just confirms that a team knows which side of the field they are supposed to be on.

I wish they had kept that idea… why did Vex get rid of that anyway? Is it because they were already making the iq things?

If you had seen how long it took to make the old plates, you would understand. With 12,000+ VRC teams you might not get your plates during the season…

I totally agree, and this is never enforced. Doesn’t matter much this year, but teams should be required to remove the alternate color, or otherwise conceal the alternate color plate on their bot.

Hmm, ours never seemed delayed. I guess we were lucky. I like them more aesthetically, and they made a nice souvenir, as the year and game are printed on them.

They could make the same license plates as the current ones except in black. That would get rid of the delay allow us to use the flags again.