New ideas for robots

Our robot already has two things that can pick up cubes: the lift and claw. Do you guys have any suggestions for the balls?

Try to adapt the claw so it can do both


We tried, but it wont be stable enough…

The best advice I can give is start of with a single intake and then expand on that. Also it takes a lot of fiddling to get it perfect.


Do you know how long it would take to make it?

Well, we modified our robot so that it can lift up cubes, but its kind of hard to get the cube… So i thought I would make our lift “claw” wider so that it would be easier to pick up…

Use the same type of intake that was used in TP ( turning point )
its a very simple intake design

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You can also push balls into cubes, or shove cubes into balls. My daughter’s team’s robot only picks up cubes. As a first year team, they don’t bother with something that can pick up balls. They just shove the cubes or balls.

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