New Intakes: sprocket with chain vs compound gearing

Hello all! I am watching the chinese videos, and am seeing that this style of intake is better (below). I am wondering if small sprockets with chain or a compound gear ratio(seen here) would be better. Also, could anyone estimate what size sprockets those are (and whether the 24t or 30t sprockets would be better for this intake design.)



This thread pretty well covers most of the things to discuss about the staggered roller intake you posted a picture of. As for doing a normal intake you should be able to find plenty of resources on that yourself. Good luck!

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This helps, but doesnt cover the thing im talking about until the last post. That explains why they’re good and not whether the compound ratio is worse/better than the chain w small sprockets

Those sprockets look like 18T, but you have to consider how many cubes fit on your tray, what is inclination angle, and how much friction there is on tray surface.

If you have a lot of cubes then you need smaller sprocket. If you have less cubes and low tray and smooth surface, you can try faster 24T size.

Using gears between sprockets eliminates the risk of breaking the chain. It is harder to build correctly tho. If you are not master builder stick with chained sprockets.