New IQ Team Parts Suggestion

So I will be mentoring a VEX IQ Middle School team for next year’s game. I have not done VEX IQ before but have done VEX High School for 3 years so far. I am putting together a list of parts to order in addition to a Super Kit.

So far we are planning on ordering at least two more motors (because the kit only comes with four), some omni wheels, spacers, and standoffs. I would like to know what parts we should order in addition to this.


Welcome Corhey, I’ve run teams for years, so I can give you a pretty good list of things that have worked for us.

The Competition and Foundation add on kits are your biggest blast for the dollar. But that’s a lot of parts for only one team. I normally do 1 of each kit per 3 robot teams.

I’ve become a huge fan of the Long 2x kits, it makes extended bases and arms easy to do.

I like the Corner Connector Advanced Add-On Pack, it gives some other options that roboteers may not have thought about.

Long Shaft add on gives you the ability to make wider towers to support arms. Buy an extra pack of the plastic axles they are inexpensive.

Good luck with your season!


Thanks Foster I appreciate it! This is Corey from 3389E. It’s neat to see somebody I recognize.

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Totally agree on everything Foster mentioned, and would only add extra pin connectors. Those things disappear!

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Yes! And I’ve grown to love the Capped Pin Connectors (228-5656) aka 0-2 and 0-3. They help the roboteers that can’t grok the pins going two ways.

Of course the Thin sheet attachment (228-4417) aka 0-1 pins for teams to stick cardboard decorations on robots is a big plus.

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