New Jersey State Finals | 5249Z 3815M vs. 750E 4610Z

Top Left: 3815M
Bottom Left: 5249Z :arrow_left: That’s us!!!

Top Blue: 750E
Bottom Blue: 4610Z

Red wins 27-9

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Would have been closer y’know if… nevermind

big oof


What was the infraction at ~1:34 that warranted the controller to be placed down? I didn’t see any entanglement with the other robot/the net, and the contact was nowhere close to a pin/trap.

We were disabled for picking up three balls

It’s a shame that a call like that ended a teams season completely.


In the video, it appears that you were holding either 1 or 2 balls at the time of the disablement. Is that not the case???

We were at one point possessing 3 balls, it was for around 2 seconds, we were disabled before we realized that we had more than 2.

IIRC they had two balls and were pushed into a third, though I was not at the event

You should not have been disabled for posession of more than 2 balls. You should only be forced to be disabled if you entangle with the net, but other than that the referees cannot disable you in any way, shape or form. Posession of more than 2 balls should be a disqualification if it affected the outcome of the match or if posession limit is broken countlessly. Otherwise it would just be a warning for the next match. For the team who got disabled: since it isn’t match affecting and it was only a one-time event you should’ve gotten a warning AND you should have not gotten disabled as there are no rules stating that you should be disabled for breaking the posession limit. Other than the net entanglement rule, discussion about rules broken and/or disqualification actions should ALWAYS be after a match. Teams need to focus during the stressful environment.


FYI- The semi final match was between 7405P and 2616J (us) on red against 750E and 4610Z. We were the team disabled. We did not argue much at the end of the match because we knew that they would never go back on a call which the head referee made during the driver control.


Great match guys, would have been much closer if we didn’t make the mistake of going to the back to flip caps.


Yeahh definitely, I think both of us played pretty poorly towards the end.

You actually got disabled for a possession limit violation? Kind of extreme if you ask me…

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