New lift from 1727B

A new lift concept from the sound, perfectly sane, and genius engineering masterminds of 1727B. We’ve realized how good we are at this vex thing after the banshee drive’s success. so we would like to present to you the newest hip lifter for Vex (its technical name is scrappy). but all jokes aside, this lift, while flipping us over, lifts very fast, and doesn’t rely on our partners drive train. in addition, because it locks as it goes, you just lift until the match ends if you are late for climbing and you will at least get a low climb even if you didn’t quite get a full 50 pt climb.

and btw, we still use the banshee drive

It looks very interesting. Do you know how much (lbs) it can lift?

should lift close to 10-15 pounds
we found some times it stall on heavy objects so we might switch the ratio at some point if it’s a problem

I was thinking about this design or a while.
Nice to see that it was implemented!

What is the ratio you guys have it at right now?

Sorry… care to elaborate how it works?

From the look of it, a robot drives onto the “plate” and then they lift them selves, to elevate the other robot.

Looks fascinating. Do you have a video anywhere?

Nice to see another unique lift design! what do you use for your “locking as it goes mechanism”?

man I can’t wait to see it today at our competition Matt!

The plate is held on by ropes, until we drop it using a cut gear wih rope. Then, a linear slide “foot” angles our robot up from the back. The plate is held in place by ropes. As our robot angles, the other robot is lifted up, also being angled

Currently the motors have enough power that we cant even push it down with our hands. In the future we will use a ratcheting lock.

1:3 (or 3:1), whichever is for torque, with two motors.

That’s a great idea!

I like this concept very much, because many robots, including ours, have very low riding intake parts and are unable to climb steep ramps.

The way this design looks is awesome but from a event coordinator stand point it scares me. They way you are pushing up off the floor looks like it is going to damage tiles.

Team 2350a Titanium from Puerto Rico made a similar design using two motors back in December
link text

There is a plate on a hinge at the bottom that helps. It leaves a little indent, but as someone who has helped run and ref several competitions, its not actually that bad.

Hadnt seen that, how is your plate held up. We found a stop on the base to cause bending from the sheer torque. We ended up using ropes.

It’s not my robot but as you can see in the video, the plate does bend a little but the angle that the slides give prevents the other robot from falling

THANK YOU THIS GAVE ME SO MANY REVOLUTIONARY IDEAS. But actually, good job. Maybe you can make it passive…thats my new plan