New Line Sensors Experiences?

I haven’t purchased line sensors in a very long time, but I noticed while looking through the VEX Website that the line sensors are significantly thinner now. I’d have to play around with it, but I’m not necessarily sure the thinner design is a good thing and I don’t want to waste my money for that feature alone.

To any who have newer sensors, are the sensors more effective than their predecessors or is it solely a physical difference?

Have you noticed any increase in performance/accuracy?


Same sensor, smaller package. This change happened a long time ago.

I like the new ones, there’s no downside, protect them with structure if you are worried about damage.

Wow, 2011? How did I not notice until now?:stuck_out_tongue:

We borrowed a few line sensors from our school which apparently hasn’t updated their sensors in awhile…
I’ll probably get a couple for next season when we do our initial parts order.

Thanks Again!

You can have mine, I’m not using them:)