New Linear Slides?

Hello VEX community!

I remember hearing about new linear slides at the World Championship this year, and something about them coming out this year. What is the estimated ETA for these to come out? (question for the VEX people of course :p)

Is anyone else excited for these or just simply interested?

I am wondering if I should wait on designing until these come out simply because designing a custom linear system smaller than what the linear slides provide is quite difficult.

Feel free to discuss them on this thread

  • Andrew

im pretty excited myself to have these new linear slides come out. i hope they give out a little more info on the release tho.

I’m sorry I’m not up to date on these things, but what’s new about these new linear slides?

  • Sunny G

We don’t know thats the thing :stuck_out_tongue:

i thought they were gonna be longer?

I’m guessing an alloy that makes them stronger and lighter (and probably more expensive).

like an aluminum version or something along those lines

John V-N told all of us that there would be two lengths, one of which is longer than the current slides, and that the design would now include a nylon/Delrin wear surface. This would give us more choices and higher performance. As to when they will be available, you might ask in the OFFICIAL Answers - Ask the VEX Staff! forum, since I don’t know if John and company routinely monitor all the sub-forums.

I posted it here because I know that No one else can post in those threads I have seen people like JVN and others posting in subforums, I also wanted to have publics opinion on it. I didn’t want to make two threads because quite frankly I find double post incredibly annoying.

Sorry for your inconvenience. I was only trying to simplify things


I received the first manufacturing samples early last week. I’ll be getting the next set of samples early next week… if I approve them, we’ll be on to full production.

They should be out sometime early in the fall (since I’m impatient and don’t want to wait the 4-6 weeks for boat shipment from China, we’ll probably air ship a small quantity so we can launch them… I bet you’re as eager to get them out as I am).

As for product details…
You’ll see soon enough. I’ll tell you we based many of the improvements on suggestions from the community, and that everyone who has seem them is pretty happy with the result.