New Linear Slides

Hey Guys,

With those who are having some experience with using linear-slides, how do most of you go about lining the guides on the slides? Do you leave the screws a quarter turn loose to allow leeway for the guide rails to ride smoothly instead of pinching the metal? Or what are some other ideas? Currently we are loosening by quarter turns and realigning and then tightening.

Thanks for the help :slight_smile:

We just keep the screws slightly loose, as you said. It’s fairly difficult to get them to line up perfectly when you tighten the screws.

we loctight them loose if that makes since

I have had no issues. I suppose I probably left them loose to start, then went back to tighten them as necessary. I have found that one set of slides is not always going to fit with another set of slides. Also, when cutting slides, be sure to grind any and all edges and burs or the slide will catch.

Are the inserts supposed to be self tapping? Does anyone feel the new sliders are a bit less robust/stable? We switched back to the old ones (although slightly heavier we felt it was more stable).

Yes, they are supposed to be self-tapping. It works this way so the placement of nuts does not interfere with the sliding (there’s not much room between the delrin slide blocks and the slides). We have removed some plastic using the self-tapping screws, but they still seem to hold well. They do feel less stable, but the reduction in friction makes them worth it (at least for us).