New Low Profile motors? 292?

look what I found a picture of a 393 motor on the left with another unknown motor on the right…292 low profile motor?..too bad the wire is coming out the “wrong” end. Available at worlds? :eek:[ATTACH]7403[/ATTACH]

nice try :wink:

I am pretty sure he is really quite proud of himself.

They go with the new 8 port power expander :):slight_smile:


Is that new?

Some of the pixels are new.

I approve.

Aha! Best response!

not a single pixel was harmed in the posting of that picture:D nor were they moved or threatened…but it sure would be cool to have lower profile motors for specific applications, or perhaps a different configuration…

That’s nothing compared to the new Cortex redesign, which of course goes with the new power expander and motors. :stuck_out_tongue:

I also heard something about the field becoming 24’ x 24’ …

how fun this would be… to work with.
Cheers Kb

Sensors on all the things!

I have to say that I am very impressed with the photoshopping here…

If the 4 wire cables were used (like on the IME’s) or a SIPO/PISO circuit, could the cortex even handle that many inputs?

I suppose nobody’s heard of the new encoders?

No, for that you would need the Cortex R4 XL…

:smiley: -Cody

Do the VexNet 2.0 extra long fobs fix the connection issues or do they only allow for satellite communications?

You get to pick between DirectTV and Dish :stuck_out_tongue:


Also, here is the new 24’ x 24’ field layout…

Can’t wait to see the game! -Cody

I would LOVE a 24x24 field. We couldn’t fit it anywhere in our lab, but it would be so much fun to play matches on…