New member with questions

I am new to this forum and new to the world of Vex IQ.

As the Education Officer for my local Civil Air Patrol squadron, I am leading our teenage cadets into the world of robotics. I am comfortable with computers, building, radio control, etc. but this is my first experience with robot programming.

I have looked into some of the curriculum resources here and on the Vex IQ web page but still have questions.

First, is there a source of pre-written ModKit programs available from which I can learn and therefor teach? Also, the curriculum downloads that I find appear incomplete and not entirely helpful. Is there a source that I am overlooking?


Kim Nicholas

We’ve used the VEX IQ Camp Handout for our students with great success, does this fit what you’re looking for?

I’m unfamiliar with ModKit so I can’t help there, since our students use RobotC and the Graphical Interface.

Thank you. That is a good start! Why did you decide to go with RobotC rather than ModKit? ModKit appears to have a graphic interface and it is essentially free. It is my understanding that RobotC is fairly expensive - we just do not the the budget.

For registered VEX IQ Teams, RobotC is free.

I think one of the things that is good about RobotC, is that as their skills allows our kids to migrate from the Graphical Interface to actual coding. We also use RobotC with our VRC teams for our older kids, so it allows us to have a better transition path as they move.

ROBOTC is free to download for everyone. To get it, all you need to do is create an account on the VEX Robotics website. Once you log in, on the left side of the “My Account” dashboard, there is a tab named “Software Downloads”. This contains links to download both MODKIT and ROBOTC, free of charge.

In addition, the Modkit User’s Guide contains some examples. (However, they’re just images of code, so you’ll have to drag the blocks into Modkit yourself.) You can find that here:

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Great to know. I thought it was a perk for being a registered team. Thanks to VEX, RobotC and Modkit for making them available to everyone for free!

Thank you. I am sure that I will be back with more questions!

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