New mobile goal lift feedback

yo! give me feedback on this mobile goal lift. Thanks!
Here’s a video I just made to show our new lift

Looks good! One small change i would make would be to change the bracing (0:47) to a c-channel, it would make the whole mechanism a little less loose.

Looks like it works pretty well! I think one small possible change would be that the little piece of flatbar that is supposed to stop the mobile goal when you drive into it will eventually bend over time (because it’s flatbar), so you could put a piece of c c-channel across the entire mogo lift (perpendicular to how that little bar is now) so that it could 1) stop the mogo without bending over time, and 2) would connect both sides of the mogo lift, helping both sides go at the same speed.

It’s a pretty good mogo lift considering the frame restraint. Definitely need a stronger stop than a perpendicular one bar as @Mystellianne said. Don’t know how you could quite incorporate it (I’ve seen certain ones where they actually curved around the mogo) but for my mogo lift, I have stacked one bars across the bottom section to stop the mogo from going to far and to also keep the two sides from bending out or in, like how you fixed at 1:03.

On one of my older posts, most everyone recommended locktite blue to secure the standoffs and @Malovelent1 suggested Teflon washers at the contact points which has worked for us so far, if you think loosening could be an issue.

While testing, my group added 5 rubber bands to each receiving c channel and couldn’t get the mogo out but after we reduced it to one, while it still slips sometimes, it’s a big difference and can still be set down with relative ease unless you plan to launch the mogo like some other teams

ps: I spiritually identify with that mogo

The posters above pretty much covered all the points I wanted to make. So, I will just emphasize the importance of cross-bracing and blue loctite (don’t use red).

In my experience, after playing a few games all screws on the MoGo lift will become lose. In addition to inserting white spacers between metal and standoffs for stronger connection, we use blue loctite and still need to check all screws once in a while. Without those spacers and/or loctite the intake would fall apart quickly.

Also, if all metal pieces are connected at 90 deg angles it is very easy to twist entire thing out of alignment. Adding more screws to keep it straight is not as effective as adding cross-bracing between left and right side:

Finally, if there is enough space try to flip motors to face each other and connect the shafts with a coupler - this should help to keep the sides in sync and distribute load on both motors evenly.

oooo The coupler seems like a good idea I’m deathly afraid of twisting axels (last years traumatic experience of stuck axels and completely snaped ones) that we do definitely need some cross bracing!

HAHA i was hoping you wouldn’t notice 1:03 opps! we’ll definitely need some sort of bracing for that! but I will look into locktite for sure. Don’t want screws flying off during a match, but I do hope to see flying mogo’s!!Thanks!