new, more reliable VEXNet keys

The current ones are terribly unreliable. I know that the 2.0 keys came out recently, but that was basic just because they couldn’t get the parts for the old ones anymore. New reliable ones would be great, maybe using WiFi direct like in FTC.

I don’t think they are very concerned about that right now. We have never had problems with the 2.0 keys

We didn’t have many problems with the 2.0 keys last year, and they’re much better than the old ones. Sure, there were some issues, particularly with wireless debugging and downloading for which we sometimes switched back to the 1.0 keys, but in a competition setting the 2.0 keys didn’t have any of the issues the 1.0 keys had.

What do you mean that they’re unreliable, do they drop connection? How many robots are you using in close proximity, and are there any sources of interference, such as tons of WiFi networks (although this probably shouldn’t cause issues)?

Zionsville has transitioned completely to 2.0 keys, and they’re so worth the extra cost. We have nearly no issues with disconnection, and they’re much much more reliable than the 1.0 keys.

I agree, we have had a lot more success with the vexNet 2 keys. Dropping connection during a match because you key moved is not fun :confused:

We don’t have any problems with the 2.0 keys. If you are experiencing any problems, it may be because another source, such as a WiFi router, is also on the 2.5 gigahertz network and interfering with the signal.

The new keys have an Achilles heel in the debugger performance so we do more hard wired USB Cortex to USB Joystick to Serial USB to PC connections.

Otherwise Vexnet 2.0 keys have been great for us in competitions.

the issues we have had is dropped connection, it happens quit frequently. We did have it under quite a bit of metal but now we are using an extension cable. We do have several WiFi networks in the area but the only one we can turn off is our own and it never seems to help.

I haven’t had many issues with the VEXNet 2.0 besides at Worlds 2014. They’ve worked great and have been very reliable since then. Debugger performance is eh… but they’re good.

Competed in FTC during the days of the Samantha Module. Let it be known I do not like the Samantha Module at all.