New Motor Design

A new motor which allows axles to be put all the way through, so one motor could power both ends of an axle. I think this would help a ton of people, when it comes to bevel gearing, and things like that.

Thanks for the feedback. There are no plans to redesign the existing VEX motors or introduce a new motor, but I’ll make sure we keep this feedback in mind if we do anything in the future.


Thank you John! I think they would be so useful/helpful, and so do the other members of my team.

You could demonstrate and evangelize such a concept by building a module that does that, and then posting lots of pictures showing how useful it is.

You could use a 12t gear in the motor clutch location, driving a 12t gear in the next hole, with the axle going all the way through.

Okay, I’ll try that later this week! Thanks for giving me that idea.

This is what we do when we want a motor on the same side of a piece of metal at whatever it is powering (like the drive base). You can have the motors next to the wheels so you’re not using up valuable space on the inside of your robot.

This passthrough design could make putting two motors on the same shaft much easier because the axle doesn’t need to be cut specifically to length. Also, removing the axle doesn’t require removing one of the motors.

In addition, this would contribute to less consumption of VEX axles. Often an axle isn’t the right length for your application, so axles are continually cut until they are no longer useful. Using a passthrough motor would reduce axle length precision, because the excess could just stick out the other end of the motor.

Is everyone envisioning something like a k’nex motor?

it would be cool if they screw together too

That would also be really useful!