new motors and/or cortex?

according to the Vex website, motor controller 29’s are currently out of stock. motors are also limited to 5 per person. this leads me to believe that vex has been planning an after worlds product reveal. any ideas?

Or its out of stock because people bought a bunch of new motor controllers and motors for worlds…

Not sure about the motor controllers, but the 393 motors were out of stock for a pretty long time. The limit is there to make sure that VEX is able to fill out orders on the back burner while also getting motors to the teams that need them.

Hi don’t know if i am in the right spot the lady i talt to said to go to ant tell them i have an ant and it does.t link up .she said i wood have give my name and addres to send me a new one aready link up . please let me know if this true

I think you are supposed to send an email to

Also, I honestly can’t even understand your question. You will need to clean up your grammar before sending of an email to VEX.

If I understood your question correctly then I believe your asking about how to get a new motor/motor controller for one that is broken. You should email and tell them the information needed (Name, address, etc) And they will ship your part out to you.

I think it was because the supplies were being drained vastly, causing VEX to have no choice but to limit it 5 per person.

I think flywheels from NBN drained them of motors. They have been limiting motor orders since the middle of last year.

They wouldn’t do it this “late”, (I know the season’s barely started), in the season, as teams have already started ordering their parts. There would be an outrage if this was true.

I would love to see them putting hex screws on their motors instead of Phillips heads. It makes changing gears so much safer when worrying about stripping the screwheads as most of my team do on a regular basis.

We do this on a regular basis as a phillips head strips many of the screws since they use some loc-tite on the screw initially. I get really annoyed at the little phillips screws. I had to take a wire cutter last night to get the screws out for one of our kids. It was so tight it just stripped the head with the phillips.

I suggest these as they work awesome! One size is for the regular screws, one is for the IME.

They use a 1.5mm hex key and is far easier to use.

Actually they have released products mid season before. They do this in order to phase in products slowly, the most recent example of this would be the new vex nets.