New motors or Replacing gears?

This whole year we have been using the same 4 393 motors and the same 6 269 motors. After this season is over we were planning to recycle the motors of from our old robot and use it for our next year robot.
One thing I’m worried about is that our motors wont work well or correctly because they are getting old. Should I be worried? Compared to teams with new motors will we have a disadvantage? Does reusing all these motors weaken the amount of strength they have? Will replacing the gears in the motor help?

Through out the season our motors on our arm have made a clicking sound so I’m worried that the motors have weakened a lot. The cause was driving our arm to its max. One thing my team knows is that the motors on the arm are not stripped because the arm raises normally still.

Three options I thought of are:

  1. Just use the motors
  2. Replace the gears in the motors
  3. Get new motors (Not likely)

With 2-wire motors it’s not usually neccesary to replace the internal gears unless they are broken (one or more teeth snapped off, or the wide part of the gear twisted off from the narrow part, etc).

Was the clicking sound on your arm coming from the motor, or could they have been coming from the gears or chain? I’ve never seen a 2-wire internal gear where the teeth have worn down enough to affect performance before any of the teeth have broken off completely. The material that 2-wire motors are made of behaves in such a way that it will work almost perfectly (provided it’s lubricated) until it breaks and then it won’t work at all. So replacing gears isn’t a neccesary part of maintenance for a working motor. you may want to check whether they need to be relubricated though.

If you’ve gone a whole season without breaking a motor then you’re pretty lucky, but yes you should be able to keep using them. Most teams just go on using motors until the electronics fry or the gears break.