New motors "sticking"

Of 6 new motors 2 seems to stick when being manually turned. It almost like gears come to rest slightly out of alignment. They were taken directly out of box, speed gears installed and driven for about 2 hours. Other 4 don’t seem to do this. Has anyone else seen this? Is it just something caused by manually turning them?

Our drive motors were like this when we first got them. We hust left them alone and they were fine. When the motor drives itself there’s no problem for us

Does this happen when the motors are plugged into the cortex, when they are unplugged, or both?

Our team had the same problem. It may be that those motors do not have support on both sides of the axle, only one.

I had the same problem in the middle of our Regional tournament. I had to go through 3 new motors before finding one that didn’t stick. But I found out that if I took off the top cap of the motor it was able to spin manually but I don’t know what the actual problem was

I’m hearing about this, too. What are the serial numbers for these bad motors? I’m guessing you bought them recently?


We bought 10 new motors before state and 4 of them failed in one week. also, when we turned some of them them one way and then turned them the opposite way (not fast), the entire motor locked up.

I think there are some bad motors in recent circulation. I would contact your vendor for exchanging them.

The newer motors have thinner gears on the side of the motor with the brass mounting posts. We swap those out with the thicker older style and regrease. The sticking is due to poor alignment on the green cap side of the motor. Pull out the two large flat gears and make sure bothe shafts are straight, if not, use the side of the blade of a flat head to press them in all the way. We also swap the green cap with an older one. Make sure you grease the motor well or oil it with something like 3n1.