New NZ Driver Practice Method

We’ve uncovered a great new driver practice method here in NZ that is quickly catching on in the kiwi teams.

We’ve named Justining after the person who is best at it.

We challenge you to see how many YOU can stack, post your pictures for us all to see.

Gotta stack 'em all!

This may or may not be a staged photo to explain the challenge…

I’ve seen a lot of this going on lately (over the christmas holidays) while people have noone to have practice matches against. Takes a LOT more skill than it looks like O_O

Wow… (this message had to be over 10 characters -.-)

Im pretty sure ive seen you try… dont act surprised :stuck_out_tongue:

I’d like to point out that whether the photo is staged or not, the record is still ten :stuck_out_tongue:

If The Record is ten points then they have been beaten, i saw a team full that center goal full then squish the stack so nobody else can score and then put another barrel somehow and finally added the doubler for a total of about 18 points on the center goal. This Team Was Quick. I Think it was a 254 team but im not sure. Im also not sure if it got on picture or camera but yeahhh so

i think he meant 10 objects
which makes it 22 pts?
(or 20 pts with 9 objects + doubler)

Sorry, yes. I meant ten objects. We don’t go by points because we use it to see how many we can stack precariously on the top. so the doubler is just a normal barrel to us.

I attempted at justining

haha, we should have “real or fake” pics :stuck_out_tongue:
11 objects!
Real or Fake? :wink:

Both fake, no robot can reach high enough for that… :stuck_out_tongue:

Mine was real…

Real or fake?? :wink:

I dunno, but 5 is a pretty horrible score :wink:

this was actually REAL!
it took like 30 mins just to get it right!
even though 5 is a lousy score, we “capped” it twice :wink:
which kinda defeats the term “cap” :stuck_out_tongue:

By “score” do you mean objects scored or points scored? :wink: because of course I’d have to see actual goal to properly comment but from what I can guess there’s only 3 objects scored, for 4 points :stuck_out_tongue: Like I said though, a different view might tell a different story…

To me, it seems like both pairs of objects are fully wedged in the goal which would mean all 5 objects are scored for 6 points. But I could be wrong.

Actually, I don’t think it’s occurred to us before that any object that’s below the plane of the goal has to be within the outer ring of the goal too. We’ll have to try it out and see how that turns out, because then it’s not scored and can be removed. Of course, do you really want to take that chance by descoring it?

I’m pretty sure from playing around we did that at least one of that bottom set has to be partially outside the outer ring of the goal, and from the angle shown it looks like possibly the both of them are partially outside so they wouldn’t be scored. Like I said though, without having a whole bunch of different angles it’s hard to tell :stuck_out_tongue:

Technically it’s already descored because it’s not counting for anything, so if that object was at one point scored by Clause 1 (below the top AND fully within the outer ring) and you pushed it down further such that it it was no longer scored, you should technically be DQed… Just pointing that out :stuck_out_tongue: