New NZ Driver Practice Method

Wow, I just wrote a massive post that probably didnt make any sense, and then accidentally closed my brower :mad:.

Anyway, the tl:dr of it is:
Has anyone asked about the situation where the barrel and ball both get shoved down sideways to the goal, and can potentially result in an illegal descore, and so a DQ? I think we need clarification on this situation, because the definition of scored is definitely not intended to make barrels like that not count imo, and it seems ridiculous that a team could be DQ’d because of it.

I don’t remember a Q+A about it, and I’ve read every Q+A this year. I agree that no one would have intended for stacks going sideways to result in a DQ. Making a Q+A thread would probably be a good idea.

Even without a clarification of the rule though I think there’s hardly ever going to be enough evidence to confidently say that the barrel was ever clause 1ed, especially since this situation usually (perhaps only? I’m not sure) happens when the stack goes sideways on top of the goal, before either object is clause 1ed, and is then pushed further down meaning no illegal descoring takes place.

I do also think that, as well as no DQ being possible, the barrel should actually be considered scored, seeing as it really is inside the goal. I would go and ask the question in the Q&A, but I’m usually really bad at explaining situations like this, so if anyone else wants to, please do.

Real or Fake???

Real, with slight assistant due to dead battery. I figured out to to cap goals constantly. Took under 15 minutes as well.