New orange/grey Programming Hardware Kit

What is the difference between the old orange and the new orange/grey dongle?
Is this the new “serial” communication link? What are its advantages?

I believe it supplies power to the joystick while programming so batteries are not needed, this thread from 2011 said a new one was coming.

We have tried to make a DIY one at AURA and confirmed there was enough power on the USB to run the joystick but ran into issues getting the serial communication at the same time :frowning:

I would be very interested if anyone can buy one of these and pull them apart so we could see why our one never worked (we ended up running to the limits of our time and basic knowledge).

(FYI for people looking at this tread the product link is )

Sure looks like the new one, shame it’s out of stock. It will presumably use the same VEX CDC driver as the cortex and circumvent the need for the prolific driver.

awesome! didn’t know a new one was coming out … add to basket me thinks :smiley:

good idea to have it so the laptop powers the controller :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

I think the big difference is that the new one comes with a USB to USB cable, so you dont have to buy one separate.

Yeh, i never considered that, i already have like 3, the other teams dont code at all, they get some relative to do it, i think it is really wrong, so at last comp, i was told by my coach to fix their cortex problem ! … so wrong ! i did it because i was so hung over and didn’t wanna argue

Dont get too angry about it. Last season I programmed 3 robots from other teams, one of which went to worlds with the code that I wrote.

Really, were you told to write them the code or did you choose 2 ? anyway i have told the other team from my school that i am not going to go around writing code for them, they need to grow up and learn for themselves ! i even gave them a link for the RobotC Webinars … and u know what they said, “Depends how we feel” … URGH !

Unfortunately I don’t think that’s the case, the product page still links the prolific driver

I chose to, and they werent even from the same school that my team is from (as I am not from the school my team is from). 2 were from one other school, the third, the one that went to worlds, was from another

You might want to get them started with EasyC instead, its definitely easier to learn. Personally, I enjoy programming, so I dont mind doing it for others. Now, keep in mind, this doesn’t mean I make their programs ultra complex, Whereas ours finds, and tracks lines for set distances, then manages to score, theirs moves forwards and back based on timing, or just raises the arm, or something. I give them enough to compete with, and anything special that they request. I dont give them any game winning stuff.

See i like programming, but when we were having a thew problems with our robots lift, and i needed to work on our robot, i was told by the teacher from our school to program for them, it ends up they didn’t place that well anyway one team came 17/22 and the other 21/22, we came like joint 3rd / 22 …

but if i would not have had to work on the robot i wouldn’t off minded, but because there is something i needed to do , i was pissed, another thing was when our robot went on next it couldn’t lift all the way because our head engineer didn’t have to fix it … had to replace worm gear, under like loads of mechanisms

oh as well, yeh might, but i prefer robotc and i understand it more, so if i am gonna help them, i wont know what to do … and will end up reverting back to robotc , plus robotc is a nice interface, works well, and the our teams laptop (donated) has it installed with another year license to go yet

Okay, that makes a bit more sense. If they insisted on you abandoning you job to help them, then you shouldnt do it. I programmed the other teams robots when i was done with my teams. One of the teams worked along side ours, so I programmed it almost immediately after programming ours, the other two I programmed for the team at a competition.

see, i wouldn’t have minded if i had nothing to do, but i was swamped trying to replace a failing system, cogs were slipping because worm gear had frayed (really badly)

The web page was updated and now shows the VEX driver being used for this new programming dongle, Has anyone tried one yet? Does anyone know if it powers the joystick?

Yes, it uses the new driver. Yes, it powers the joystick.


Awesome now I just have to convince the rest of AURA to find the funds for one :stuck_out_tongue: