New Parts!

What do you guys think of the new parts?

Tfw you’ve already cut all the tiles you need for the field.

Is this it?

Wait, half these parts are already a thing

Are these all the parts that we are going to be seeing?

I wasnt aware that he product reveal had already happened at worlds

Not really. The only part that was already a thing was the high strength gears its just that you can order them separately now.

I would assume so because I dont see a product reveal time slot on the agenda for worlds.

Like I said. I dont think they are planning a product reveal this year. Unless they reveal more during the game unveiling

This isn’t a lot, well I guess, if you don’t use the bolts we do, then the new bolts are somewhat helpful

Not the most exciting, but those new field pieces will cut (no pun intended) back on some extra work.

When is the waterproof cortex coming out?

I think the new star bit screws and thumb screws will be REALLY helpful. Especially with wider range of availability for tools.

I’ve honestly never been this excited about screws in my life

I was not expecting to see the new parts until Friday. However, I’m really excited about the possibility of free spinning sprockets! (Without drilling) Also I’m really pleased with the separated gear packs.

I’m loving the high strength compatible wheels/sprockets, not because I use high strength shafts (who does) but the high strenghth inserts are great.

Wait, no 6-32 star screws??? The motor screws are the ones that strip constantly along with the set screws.

These would have been legal this past year but a nice alternative. Vex has good prices on the 8-32 screws. These are motor size versions.

You will need to buy a T10 star driver

Nice reasonable new products. More HS gears and HS shaft compatible sprockets are definitely great.

I guess you could say puts on sunglasses we got screwed.


So many lols on this conversation(⌐■_■)

kind of underwhelming this year, was hoping for something that would make a difference for building the robot

I was hoping for the new brain!