New passive intake!

Ok, so I’m assuming most of you have seen some of the better passive intakes that are currently out there; like 7700R and 6007, to name a couple. The problem with most passives, however, is that they usually have to be mounted facing inward to be able to release the cone onto the mobile goal stack. There’s also been a thread recently made about how not being able to score efficiently on the stationary goal is a major drawback to a passive intake. Because of this I decided to make a passive intake that could release a cone from the front and the back. This is the result. I’ve been really busy with school for the past couple weeks so I haven’t had time to tune it very much but right now it’s able to pick up and hold a cone perfectly fine without dropping it and it fixes the problem of not being able to score on the stationary very well as both the front and the back of the intake are basically the same(of course there’s some human error when cutting lexan/polycarbonate/whatever, bending the one bar, etc). I’ve just taken some pictures(sucky ones at that) for now but if there’s enough demand I may make a video of it after my next competition. So, questions? comments? suggestions? Post below!

Very cool. When is your next tournament? I am eager to see this in action. You should consider Greenfield or Trinity Lutheran a week from tomorrow or Trinity Lutheran 1/6. We will be at Greenfield on the 16th and Trinity 1/6.

I’m going to the TLHS qualifier on the 16th.

We look forward to hearing how it does. Good luck.

It’s a good design. * You’re right about the fact that passive intakes aren’t as efficient and that’s why nearly all of my intakes were not passive.* I have also come to believe that passive intakes are useful in the end, because it is one less motor used.

I demand a video for all! Is that enough demands for you? Lol

Thanks :slight_smile:

Pretty much +1 to all of that; and the extra motor has been extremely helpful in increasing scoring speed.

I guess lol :stuck_out_tongue: I really just don’t want to take the time to make it before my next comp because of lack of time.

A video thats just a 360 degrees view of the intake would be helpful. It looks really nice though, but how reliable and quick is it compared to other designs from your testing, such as Goliath rollers or a claw?

That looks not even bad.

We will be working on a passive intake using hinges and 6 hole long aluminum c-channels as the intake guard. If we finish working tonight, I will release slightly blurred versions of it working.


It’s actually really reliable. I mean I still have plenty of room to improve it but I’ve been really happy with it so far. As far as testing against other things: It doesn’t have quite the room for error that a goliath intake has. It’s basically the same as a top down claw so there’s not much change there. I did have to add some extra metal on it and haven’t had the time to switch some stuff to lexan for weight but once I do that it should be lighter than a motor claw and a goliath intake.

Thanks :slight_smile:

Sounds interesting :slight_smile:
I wouldn’t recommend using hinges though unless there’s no way around it simply because their so heavy.

We don’t have too much of a concern for weight, although you do have a point. I’m thinking of using bending lock bars that are the same length hold them in place because the guards are in a Hexagon shape and will be stationary.

Alright. I found a little bit of time to take a short video of just going around the intake:
link text
My last day of school is this Tuesday and my competition is Saturday so hopefully I can take a more in depth video sometime between then :slight_smile:

We are looking forward to seeing it in action on Saturday!

Thanks :slight_smile:
Hopefully it’ll be worth showing by then :stuck_out_tongue:

Nice! Thanks for the video! It looks great. Just a little tip for the future though, instead of opening it to drop the cone, just pull it out from the front or the back. Just to show how easily it comes out. :wink: Thanks though, wish I could see it at Portage this weekend, but I see you won’t be there. Good luck at your tourney though.

UPDATE: So I decided to just take a quick video today of it stacking from the front:
link text
It’s still not quite finished but it’s working so i figured i would take a video of it :slight_smile:

This is a really cool concept and has a lot of potential, I personnaly use a one motor claw but i’ve been thinking about all these designs and i might have to convert soon

Whoa, that’s GOOD. I didn’t realize passive intakes could be this good. Thanks for the vids, and amazing job.

Thanks :slight_smile:
It still has some improving to do(especially with my driving :P) but I’m excited to see how it turns out.