New passive intake!

this is really cool, however, it comes with the same problems all passives have. But, this isn’t the place to discuss passive vs nonpassive.

what is the problem with all passives?(just curious) :slight_smile:

well, you generally have to move your lift to intake (similar problem to top rollers) or, you have to press against something, and to release you have to either rise knocking over your stacking going sideways or do something funky with a 4 bar (like i did).

How high of a stack can you get to before the release motion will cause the stack to fall?

My passive intake can stack 22 and if I stack one more it will fall. :)(passive intake).:slight_smile:

That is pretty impressive. Do you use a different method to release? I have not watched many of the videos available concerning passive intakes. I only watched theirs because our team and theirs have partnered together several times in the past, and i was curious how it had come out.

We have an IQ prototype for a passive intake that we have not wanted to implement in EDR/VRC that theoretically should not have that problem, but our teams have not been pushing toward passive intakes yet, so mostly it is just my own curiosity about what is being tried.

@Joseph W(182 C) Our team also apologizes that you are still called “Eighteen Two C” Instead of “One Eighty Two C”. I thought it was just our team until another team called you guys that during alliance selection. Oops.

I have a similar release mechanism, but a different intake.

@Robo_Eng_13 right now it can stack to 10 but that’s not because of the intake but rather a problem with height from my lift :confused:
the intake actually doesn’t cause any problems which is nice :slight_smile:
and lol about being eighteen two C :stuck_out_tongue:
@fruitarian that is really impressive! That must be a really tall lift…

actually that is without the lift. I am not sure how tall it would stack on the lift. It probably stacks 10 like yours or maybe more.

Another update: I just git my auto stacking functioning and made a tiny video showing it stack the first cone which you can see here.
Obviously it’s still pretty slow but I have a lot of things I can still tune once I get the time :slight_smile:

That’s sweet! Nice work

LOL. Zionsville called his team 18 2 c at Park Tudor (first tourney in Indiana this year). Joseph, that is your new monicar. Wear it well.

I really liked the release. I think that is the best passive one I have seen this year. Great job.