New pics

Sorry for the long away time. My job was finishing up and starting up the turbine so was really eating up my time. I also finished my arm bot about 2 weeks ago but havn’t been able to put the pics up yet so this past week i’ve been working on a super basic website that posts all my pics so far not much but i’m no html writer. ( rubs eyes ) anyway here we go

this has some of my bots as well as some of my other creations. hope you all enjoy and i know someone is going to ask me for videos and at this time i still do not have a web cam nor a camcorder. i know a man who has 2k in photography equipment doesn’t have a camcorder!? hoping that i will have a webcam at least in the next few weeks.

FYI i’m not into vex for fvc at this time so i’m almost positive that any if not all the modifications you will see to my vex equipment is NOT FVC LEGAL so don’t try this at home. also there will be an update soon as i get time to repair my robotic arm. i managed to shatter a gear not like the myth busters who stripped one. this one has a crack that goes almost all the way across. I will post pics on that and what it was that caused it. thanks for all the time.

Last picture on page has the Thumbnail, but the Link is wrong, it is should be [

All is great!!! Otherwise…](

that has been fixed… thanks:)

nice robots! any chance of seeing a movie of that tank bot?