New Plastic material Review

LDEP(Low Density Polyethylene) this material is flexible i was able to make a cylinder hot dog style or from the 12" length it does have resistance sliding on top the foam tile. thats all we experimented with this material

polypropylene is a more ridgid material still has some flexablility but i would say its more rigid then poly-carbonate we found that this material slides beautify against another sheet of polypropylene. it has little resistance against the foam tile.

that was done with 1/16 inch thick sheets 12X24

if there is anything else you would like me to test then ask me and ill try do it.
P.S i will not test the breaking point of them XP

Comment what other type of plastic you have and its properties.

i honestly thought LDPE was just a ligher weight was then poly carbonate but it ended up being a flexable sheet.

For it to ever be a plastic used it vex it would have to have low cost. How much would estimate it costing to use for anything practical?

um this is on the rules of the other things allowed besides the vex branded parts and identical parts. it was because not everyone can get their hands on polycarbonate so they opened the variety. im not sure if that answered your question or the cost of the LDPE was $9.46 per sheet and polypropylene was $4.44 per sheet

O, sorry I didn’t realize it was one of the new plastics that can be used. I thought this was similar to the post like a week ago about how vex should add a new plastic.
My fault I really should have referenced the plastics article.